AutoBinck is built upon more than a century of experience in the automotive industry, having started in 1907 by selling Mercedes cars from an ‘Auto-Palace’ showroom in The Hague. Today the company is a leader in vehicle distribution, car retail, vehicle leasing, fleet management and related financial and mobility services and the distribution and sales of parts and accessories. Many of these activities operate from property owned by the in-house real estate division of the company. New forms of mobility, including charging infrastructure for electric cars, represent a significant area of investment for AutoBinck.

The AutoBinck Car Distribution & Retail division plays a leading role in the import and distribution of cars in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Our company imports and distributes the following brands: BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, MINI, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot, Qoros, ŠKODA and Volvo.

The operations of the lease division are run by the Business Lease Group, a full-service mobility provider offering an extensive range of services in the areas of leasing, financing and fleet management. Alongside operations in the Netherlands, Business Lease is also active in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

Our PartsPoint Group is responsible for the distribution and sales of parts and accessories, collaborating with various renowned wholesale companies and garages (including Brezan, AD Nederland B.V., Staadegaard and TC) to serve the aftersales market.

Our Smart Mobility division focuses on new forms of mobility. AutoBinck takes strategic shares in progressive companies like NewMotion, SnappCar and Zelfstroom. With the acquisition of Radiuz and the launch of Bynco the group is investing in new business opportunities and innovation.

All companies within the group share the core AutoBinck attributes of integrity, professionalism and above all entrepreneurial spirit.