AutoBinck and Zelfstroom enter strategic sustainable energy partnership

AutoBinck and Zelfstroom enter strategic sustainable energy partnership


AutoBinck has acquired a minority interest in Zelfstroom, a new player on the solar energy market. The move sees AutoBinck strengthen its position in the field of sustainable mobility solutions.

1-AutoBinck-Zelfstroom‘We view solar panels and solar energy as crucial elements of sustainable mobility. For example, drivers using electric or plug-in hybrid cars could travel using electricity that they have generated themselves. It’s more sustainable and cheaper, but it’s also simply a great idea’, explains Paul Zekhuis, CEO of AutoBinck.

New solutions
Zekhuis continues: ‘We’re observing major changes in the mobility market, which is why we’re investing in new partners. These changing times mean that we need to develop new solutions. This development takes place in our new Smart Mobility division, which focuses on innovation in mobility.’ AutoBinck Group previously acquired an interest in The New Motion, a company focused on providing charging services for electric car users. AutoBinck also invested in SnappCar, an online platform that facilitates car sharing.

Zelfstroom is a new provider in the market for decentralised, sustainable electricity production. Headquartered in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the company aspires to simplify sustainable life and therefore allows customers to rent complete solar energy systems. The generated solar energy can be used to power electric cars, for example.

Installations totalling €100 million
Bram Leijten, founder and CEO of Zelfstroom, introduces the company’s ambitious growth aspirations: ‘In five years’ time, we want to have installed €100 million worth of solar panels on private roofs. The collaboration with AutoBinck represents an additional boost to our plans. We’re also convinced that the mobility and energy markets are becoming increasingly more closely intertwined’.

About AutoBinck Group
Headquartered in The Hague, AutoBinck is a leading player on the European mobility market. The concern currently operates in eight European countries. The group has 50 subsidiaries, spread over four divisions: Car Distribution & Retail, Leasing & Finance, Parts & Accessories and Smart Mobility.

AutoBinck invests in new forms of mobility, which become part of the Smart Mobility division. One such recent example is AutoBinck’s investment in The New Motion, the European market leader in charging solutions for electric cars. AutoBinck has 2,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than €1 billion.

About Zelfstroom
Zelfstroom is a new sustainable energy provider in the Netherlands. The organisation is keen to impress upon private individuals in the Netherlands that now is the time to start self-generation of energy using solar panels. That is why the company removes potential barriers in order to make the decision to install solar panels easier. For example, by allowing customers to rent complete sun energy systems, meaning that they can make direct savings on their energy bills without the need for prior investment. Zelfstroom also offers a ten-year guarantee on a working system and a guaranteed 10-year return, while providing flexibility that enables their customers to take the rented solar panels with them if they move house, or to exchange them for more modern versions. They only use the highest quality, black design solar panels. With its innovative approach, Zelfstroom is meeting the obvious demand for self-generation of energy in combination with additional flexibility and security. Zelfstroom customers have the option of earning back the solar panel investment even more quickly by also opting for green electricity and gas supplied by Zelfstroom at cost price for a period of ten years. This means that customers only require a single provider to arrange all of their energy needs. Additional information is available on

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