AutoBinck 2016 Smart Mobility winner

AutoBinck 2016 Smart Mobility winner


AutoBinck Smart Mobility BV was declared the 2016 Smart Mobility industry winner by the National Business Success Award Institute. According to the Nomination Committee, it has evolved into a leading organisation with a strong market position. ‘AutoBinck Smart Mobility successfully combines its extensive expert knowledge with an innovative approach. It is very innovative in the field of mobility.’


AutoBinck has been active in the automotive industry for more than a century. It all started in 1907, selling Mercedes cars in the ‘Auto-Palace’ showroom in The Hague. Currently, the company is one of the major players in the European mobility market. Investing in new forms of mobility, the company is now also involved in charging infrastructure for electric cars, car sharing, solar panels and integration of mobility services. The Nomination Committee of the National Business Success Award Institute regards AutoBinck as a progressive organisation, which is expected to go on to achieve many successes in the future.

Top-of-the-bill mobility service provider

E-mobility, self-driving cars, data collecting, the shift from ownership to usage: car use is characterised by major changes. According to the jury, AutoBinck excels thanks to its expertise and vision in this field. ‘How a 109-year-old family car dealership transforms into a top-of-the-bill mobility services provider,’ said Robert Zwaan, head of the daily Nomination Committee. ‘Today, AutoBinck distinguishes itself through its impressive strategic vision it has developed. It has understood like no other that, in this day and age, it’s no longer just about selling cars, but providing mobility solutions.’

In the global automotive industry, old values are rapidly disappearing and new ones are emerging. AutoBinck has completely understood that it will only get cheaper for consumers to drive cars in the future. Cars are actually collecting more and more data, which, these days, is of more value than the average monthly cost of running a car. Provided that the owner or driver is willing to release this data – at a cost – to Big Data collectors, such as Google and Apple, we will see that the net cost of driving a car will fall. Over the past few years, AutoBinck Group has been investing in technology companies that play, or will play, an important role in the rapidly changing mobility industry, including SnappCar and Radiuz.’

AutoBinck Smart Mobility BV was founded in 2015 and is part of AutoBinck Group NV, which was originally founded in 1907. It is based in The Hague and operates throughout the whole of Europe. AutoBinck Group’s activities include car import & retail, leasing & financing, the distribution & sale of car parts & accessories as well as the previously mentioned investments in smart mobility (charging infrastructure, solar energy, car sharing and
‘Enthusiasm, passion, innovation, daring and vision, plus a strong customer focus make this organisation a winner,’ according to the Nomination Committee. ‘The deserving winner in this industry!’

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