From train to fuel station – all on one invoice

From train to fuel station – all on one invoice


Specially for self-employed entrepreneurs (also known as zzp’ers), Radiuz and MultiTankcard have launched Gaan & Staan: a mobility package combining public transport and car services. With Gaan & Staan entrepreneurs are provided with access to the train, bus, tram, OV-bike, car sharing, fuel services (throughout Europe), electrical car charging and parking. All these mobility transactions are processed onto one monthly invoice, which can immediately be forwarded for tax purposes.


Gaan & Staan is the first complete mobility package for zzp’ers in the Netherlands. This package consists of the Gaan & Staan fuel card, public transport card and an appliance used for charging electric cars. For just € 5,95 a month, entrepreneurs are able to use all types of mobility, plus various related services like carwash and roadside assistance throughout Europe. Furthermore, they receive a discount of 20 percent during off peak hours in NS-trains. Through a personal and secured online Driver Dashboard, users are able to access valuable insights in their business related travel expenses 24/7. This dashboard also includes saving tips, a fuel station locator, the CO2 emissions of their business trips and more. Sign up for Gaan & Staan via

No more declaration hassle
Due to the Gaan & Staan proposition, Radiuz and MultiTankcard can anticipate the growing demand of integrated mobility services by zzp’ers. The Netherlands is home to over 1.1 million self-employed entrepreneurs, of whom a large amount travel for business purposes. A common characteristic of a zzp’er is, they are not bound to one type of mobility: a recent sample study of zzp Barometer and NS shows that 35 percent of the zzp’ers frequently use public transport, and almost 90 percent of these entrepreneurs additionally own a car. “For these self-employed people, who switch between public transport so they can get their work done, then subsequently use their car to be more flexible, Gaan & Staan is a great outcome”, according to Victor van den Berg, CEO of Radiuz. “They are instantly liberated from any inconvenience regarding declaration tickets for their business travels. Everything is specified on one invoice, which can immediately be forwarded for tax purposes.

About Radiuz
Radiuz is a young and innovative company with a mission to deliver tailored mobility to businesses,  from sole proprietorships to multinationals like Shell, ABN AMRO and T-Mobile. Radiuz creates a service that provides access to all types of mobility and also integrates mobility suppliers, all by utilizing its own platform. Thus Radiuz contributes to Mobility as a Serivce (MaaS), a transition concerning mobility where travelers buy mobility services instead of modes of transportation. To achieve this, Radiuz pursuits collaborations with renowned partners, for example MultiTankcard, the market leader in business mobility.

Would you like to launch your own mobility proposition? Contact Radiuz for the opportunities and the terms and conditions.

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